Vehicle Tracking

Everything you need to manage your commercial vehicles online, allowing you to make reports, send and receive messages, coordinate movements and generally manage your field service operations seamlessly from the office with an automatic interface feeding back all of the information live to your Multihaul software.

Real-time localisation and enhanced tracking of your vehicles - anytime, anywhere via the interactive map gives you everything you need to know, right at your fingertips - vehicle status, driver details, destination address and ETA enabling you to plan efficiently and respond to your customers immediately with reliable and real-time information.

Communicate efficiently with your people on the road. Send and receive text messages directly to and from the drivers in the field with just a click of the mouse. You are always up to date with the latest information through a clear overview of incoming messages from your drivers.

A library of generic messages can also be created and stored providing an even more efficient means of response.

Smartly allocate the orders based on real-time information ranging from driver availability and nearest vehicle to traffic information on the route. Avoid delays and keep your fleet out of the jams where possible.

Clear and detailed instructions will be sent to the driver reducing errors and ultimately keeps your customer happy. You can instantly track progress of all orders or print a report for administrative purposes.